Vibrant Voyageur

 Vibrant Voyageur  (Tourous Craniac Migratorus)

Evolution:  The species Tourus Craniac Migratorus commonly known as Vibrant Voyageur was conceived in the early 1970s.  Its’ origins are the result of inter-species breeding between an adult male Flamingo, an adult female Whooping Crane and later a promiscuous male Bird of Paradise.  Their breeding grounds are on the uninhabited island of Dellis Cay located amongst the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Breeding occurs daily during the month of February with a gestation period of 90 days.  This allows the Tourus Craniac Migratourus plenty of time to migrate north for egg laying.  This breeding of byrd only ever lays one egg.

Identification:  Height 12″ to 32″ Long legs; petite wings; coil spring neck; Colours range from vibrant yellow, orange, red, green, purple and blue.  Circular dots on torso and tail are unique to each byrd.  Eye markings often coordinate with circular spots.  Male, female and immature all share the same markings and distinctions.  Lacks flight ambition.

Feeding:  In the Caribbean the Tourus drinks coconut juice and feeds on in season salt water fish and various tropical fruits.  In its’ northern range it relies heavily on the kindness of strangers preferring organic birdseed and fresh spring water bottled from the disappearing Arctic Glaciers.

Nesting:  Both in its’ southern and northern getaways this species takes residence in other birds nests.  Then they spend many days renovating and upgrading these homes with over priced designer materials and fixings.  It would not be unusual to find the Tourus’ nest woven with the finest imported silk or lined with parts of cashmere sweaters that it removes off the backs of unsuspecting humans.  Eggs: One egg, brightly coloured in various shades, including orange, red, green, yellow, and indigo.  The chore of incubation favors this byrds lack of ambition and lasts approximately 19 days.  The hatchling is capable of flight in about 17 days but learns quickly from their parents that there are many other modes of transportation.

Other Behaviour:  Generally mild mannered but can be aggressive when provoked.  Favorite pastimes include listening to Barry White, attending bake sales and farmers markets, as well as trying to avoid getting a real job.

Voice:  Raspy and low.  Often thought to be heard singing Barry White love songs.

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